High Performance Plastics

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Outstanding Coefficient of Friction, Chemical Resistance, High & Low
    Temperature Capability, Non-Stick and Electrical.
  • PTFE is processed by Compression, Isostatic or Automatic Molding.  It is
    also processed by Extrusion.
  • Fillers, such as glass fibers, carbon powder, carbon fibers, molybdenum
    disulfide & bronze powder, are added to Decrease Creep and Wear.
  • Modified PTFE used for Increased Creep Resistance, Reduced
    Permeation & Better Weldability (vs. standard PTFE).
  • The working temperature of PTFE ranges from -450 F to +550 F.

PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)
  • The chemical and physical properties of PFA are similar to PTFE.
  • However, unlike PTFE, PFA is melt processable by injection molding.
  • The maximum use temperature of PFA is 550 F.

ETFE (Ethylene-Tetrafluoro-Ethylene)
  • ETFE is a strong, impact resistant polymer with good radiation
    resistance.  It has good resistance to most chemicals, but is attacked by
    strong oxidizing agents and chloronated solvents.  ETFE can be
    processed by injection or compression molding.
  • The maximum use temperature of ETFE is 400 F.

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
  • PVDF offers good strength, wear resistance and creep resistance.  It
    also has good resistance to chemicals and a maximum use
    temperature of 300 F.  PVDF is processed by injection molding.

Molding: Automatic molding, Compression molding, Injection molding, Isostatic molding

Extrusion: Ram extrusion, Melt extrusion, Paste extrusion

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PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
  • Can operate continuously at temperatures of 480 F, and short time
    excursions to 600 F, while still retaining good mechanical properties.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.  Can be attacked by concentrated Cl
    and H2SO4
  • Processed by injection molding, compression molding or extrusion.

PAI (Polyamide-imide)
  • Exceptional combination of high strength and impact resistance,
    continuous use temperature of 500 F and excellent radiation
  • Good chemical resistance.  Can be attacked by hot caustic acid and
  • Processed by injection molding.

PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)
  • Excellent high temperature capability (400 F)
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Processed by injection or compression molding.

UHMWPE (Ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene)
  • Exceptional toughness, flexibility and impact strength, even at low
  • Good lubricity and outstanding resistance to abrasion.
  • Maximum use temperature of 275 F.
  • Processed by compression molding.